Challenges Ethical Leadership


What are your challenges, morally, as a leader?

Distinguish between right and ethical issues have been a major challenge for many leaders. As the web passes it is more critical than ever to make sure that the leaders were sticking to ethical Gunz our most times the decisions are not popular. Especially for the professional market it’s easy to get carried away with how we operate our business. Since most of our business is not face to face, it seems right to do the wrong thing.

I am a fan of the Golden Rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is a universal law that can not be broken. Sooner or later, if we as professional marketers try to get over on someone else, own our challenges will seem pile right on top of us. Morally, we have some ground principles to work out to our business in an ethical manner. Honesty, loyalty, trust and integrity are just some of the principles that leaders need to incorporate into their daily lives.

The challenge for many leaders who do not have these qualities is the time it takes to develop them. There is no overnight process but years consistent growth and development. If you have a burning desire to become a type of moral leader that people follow start working you day in and day out and before you know it most of your decisions will be conscious and unconscious moral.


Heart failure in the elderly


It is important to realize that heart failure (CHF) is a condition in older and not a disease. This situation results due to various reasons. When the heart is unable to supply sufficient amount of oxygenated blood to various cells and tissues of the body, it is referred to as congestive heart failure. This situation, the reduction in heart is an indication of long-term problems related to blood vessels. It usually affects the elderly because of weak heart muscles, blocked blood vessels, exposure to toxins such as alcohol and cocaine, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, pericardial disease, infections, high levels of glucose, chronic arrhythmia and congenital heart diseases such as heart could.

In older, high blood pressure is one of the main causes of heart failure. The high pressure pump therefore requires more work so that sufficient blood is pumped to and from the heart. Extend the pressure put by the heart can cause weakening of the muscles that causes heart failure.

hyperthyroidism is thought to be one cause of heart failure in the elderly. This thyroid condition increases the body’s metabolic rate requires more pumping work of the heart to meet the need for an adequate amount of blood in various cells and tissues. When the heart continues to put pressure like this, it finally gives up and comes to a complete halt.

Anaemia has been one cause of heart failure. Decrease the amount of red blood cells in the blood decreases as a result, the amount of oxygenated blood sent to various parts of the body. Heart, works harder to meet the appropriate demand. A constant pressure thus creates abnormalities in the heart muscle, thus giving rise to heart failure.


A Plain Account Christian perfection, A Book Critique



John Wesley, chosen leader of the Great Revival Awakening, voluminous writer have written or shortened by four hundred volumes), was polished scholar literary projects are sustained merit, Journal him sorted by letter Horace Walter and Boswell’s Johnson. We are indebted to him to unite the Catholic ethic of holiness and Protestant ethics managed to produce a restoration of New Testament theology.




This The book is generally considered one of the most comprehensive status Wesley or teaching of holiness. It is a reflection of the deepening of his insights in teaching holiness over fifty years. Break out the key speeches, quotations and hymns are taken. Wesley asserts that Christian perfection (neither early nor late but righteousness and death) is to achieve in this life. This limited perfection may or may not be sinless (depending on the definition of people). Since it is “amissible ‘, which is capable of being lost, it is possible to recover. Furthermore, it is both instantaneous and gradual. It is also improvable. Growth achieved not only can but also must continue beyond anything sanctification. The essence of Christian perfection is love.


critical analysis of the text reveals that it renewed Christian theology. Wesley understood sanctification that Luther fused and confused. His style is written should be commended. The question and answer method to teach the truth is very useful to inquiring minds. Diary-like shape makes one to deeply reflect on the vision of the doctrine of holiness. National chapters stimulates reading. Numerous relevant quotations and hymns also add to the quality of the book .


Critically evaluated, it would be a travesty of truth referring to Wesley as homo unius Books (head of one book). He was a man of one book (The Bible ) and many books renowned scholar.


above Although this book will be read by all Christians because it shows not only the synthesis between instantaneous and gradually weekend combines Catholic ethic of holiness and Protestant ethics managed to produce a renewed Christian theology.


How Daily Journal Writing can help reduce stress


There are several ways journaling can reduce stress in your life. By writing your feelings and your feelings about things, you become aware of yourself and how you react to your environment. You are then better able to handle the situation. You are more likely to stop and think about the problem and try to solve it rather than being overwhelmed by it.

Some ways this can be illustrated by the following questions in your journal. Answer them honestly and faithfully; no one else will read them. You can write as much or as little as you feel necessary to express your thoughts.

“I get angry when …” “A time of stress caused me to overact was …” “I could have done better by …” “I feel out of control when .. . “

These are just some of the many questions that can help you live a less stressed life. By discovering the answers to these questions, you can help to avoid situations that cause stress. When you are in a potential stressful situations, you can learn to control your emotions. You can get to know yourself better that makes you a happier person. Also, by the time journaling, you will feel good to write out your feelings about more and more things. You will learn to write down your feelings on live issues in your life

can practice more calendar now by answering the following commands :.

“journaling makes me feel …” “Stress is affecting the life RIGHTNOW for my …” “How can any positive stress be useful?” “The balance of my stress is uneven now because …” “I know I’m stressed when …”

Ask yourself these same questions as you move through the course and in the coming weeks and months you continue journaling. See how your answers may change as you learn to manage stress better.


Master Cleanse Journal – Why Master Cleanse Journal is the key to success


Everyone who is anyone has probably heard of the master cleanse now. People from all over the place, in countries far and wide around the world are using the master cleanse now blowing their bodies, lose weight and generally feel much healthier and full of energy.

diet itself relies on a specially mixed lemonade drink that uses fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, Grade B maple syrup and water to create a drink that not only tastes very good and has a great blast qualities.

In fact, the whole course of detoxification takes just 10 days! This is truly amazing and no other diet seems to come close to the power of the master cleanse. Even Top celebs as Beyonce has agreed to live TV

However, the secret that will really help you stay motivated, positive and see the course through to the end -. And it is to keep clean the master calendar.

What you have to do that right from the first day cleanse program, you have to keep a record of your weight, how happy and alert you feel along with the number of days in the course.

You can also add other thoughts and feelings you may have in here as well as these can be great to look back to see just how the mood and condition changes mind as the detoxification takes effect in a few days.

So how should you format the master cleanse calendar?

This is entirely up to you, it’s just a personal record of progress for you to read and watch again to keep yourself motivated and push forward. However, it is a great way to lay it out that is easy to fill every day and make sure it contains all the information you need to be taking up.

Fortunately, when you buy a copy of the Master Cleanse, one of the many free bonuses you get with the master cleanse journal. That’s right, you can literally just fill it from day 1 of the detox program. What could be easier than that!


Project Management – Project Life Cycle


Project Life Cycle has four stages:

  • Beginning
  • Planning
  • Implementation; and
  • Closure

Project Initiation

The Project Initiation is one phase of Project Management Life Cycle.

The most common tools or methods used in the early phase, Project Review, Plan, Overview and Schedule Reviews.

You can start fresh by defining the objectives, scope, purpose and a list of hand to produce. Professionals and skilled project team also selected in this phase by the appointed Manager.

Project Planning

The Project Planning is part 2 of Project Life Cycle . 2nd phase shall include a detailed analysis of each project and the project to the end of the project. It should also include risk analysis and definition of the criteria for successful completion of each stage of the data According to estimates prepared by the Planning Engineer.

It involves creating a set of plans to help lead the team through the execution and closing a business project.

plans created in this section will help you manage time, cost, quality, change orders / variations, risk factors and other issues. They will also help you manage key personal and external vendors / suppliers to ensure that you deliver the project on time and within schedule.

Project Implementation

The Project Implementation 3 phase of Project Management Life Cycle. The Project Implementation is usually the longest phase of the project life cycle and it usually consumes the most energy and the most capital. You must build the physical deliverable and present them to your client for approval.

The most important issue in this section is to ensure activities are properly executed and managed. You need to perform a variety of administrative procedures in this section. This approach will help you manage time, cost, quality, change orders / variation, risk factors and issues. They also help you to manage procurement, customer acceptance and communication.

The most common tools and procedures for the implementation phase are upgrading Risk Analysis Review, as well as Project / business. The proposed solution is implemented / incorporated to solve the problems identified in business requirements.

Project Closure

The Project Closure is the 4th and final phase of Project Life Cycle. In this last stage is the project manager needs to ensure that companies Extradition bring proper completion of their (contract).

Closing section characterized by a written formal project audit report contains the overall level of performance to sponsor the stage. Project Closure involves delivery of deliver to your clients / customers, passing the data to the client / business development, demobilizing / release personnel and equipment, and to inform interested parties of closing a business project.

Between one and three months after the project has been closed, and the company has begun to experience the benefits of the project, you also need to finish Post Implementation Review .

This view allows companies to identify how the success of the project and list any lessons learned for future projects.

“No one plans to fail, they fail to plan” …


Write Pre-Wedding Journal


love in your life just asked you to marry him. The excitement runs through you like you said yes. He slips the ring on the finger and the two of you start planning your special day. You have to remember this time for the rest of your life.

But you know that memories fade with time. How do you keep memories alive, for you and your children? Why not write a pre-wedding calendar?

Many people keep journals to remember what happened in their lives. There is something quite natural to want to remember the wedding time. So, how do you go about doing this?

The first thing you need is a calendar. You can go several ways when it comes to making the magazine.

If you are looking for a journal where you can rearrange pages or improve himself in later, nice ringed binder would be a good choice. You can find these at most office supply stores, as well as discount stores. They come in many sizes and cover colors, and can have three, six or even seven laps.

If you’d rather have a book-like calendar, which you can find this in most office supply stores, discount stores, and bookstores. They come in a wide variety of different shapes, with colored covers and inside papers.

Which ever style magazine you decide to buy, choose the one that fits your personality. Be sure you like what you picked up, because if you want a calendar that you will be more likely to use it.

Now you’re probably wondering what you should write about the calendar. Depending on the kind of calendar that you want. Do you want a keepsake to provide to your children? Or something to share with your husband-to-be after your wedding?

What are some of the things you can write about the calendar? Here are some things you can include in your memories.

1. Try to pick an event every day to remember, something important or special that you want to remember. Talk about how events make you feel, the people who are with you, and everything else that you think will make less real.

2. Write the special people in your life. Defending entry for each person in the family and the wedding party. Say something nice things about them, something special about them. Be sure to say why they are part of your life.

3. Write about her husband-to-be phone. Describe what first attracted you to him. What do you think of him? Say from your first date, and what you did. Give highlights of your time together before getting married.

4. Future together is another great access to do in your diary. Think about where you want to be in five, ten or even twenty years. Be realistic, be great, or be funny. It has a calendar, so be yourself.

5. Write about your dreams, hopes and even fears. What do you want most of all? What is your biggest fear in life?

6. Do not forget to write about yourself. Talk about likes and dislikes. What you want to do to relax planning your wedding. Is there something you want to change about yourself, then write about it.

You might be wondering if you should let other people leaving items in the calendar. This one really depends on your personality and comfort level. If you do not have a problem with someone else to write the diary, but go ahead. Journal writing is not set in stone. It is not just one way to make them. If you want to let your bridesmaids, parents and future in-laws posting, then let them.

But if you are uncomfortable with any other calendar, perhaps a ring binder or a piece of stationary paper can be pasted in later would be a better choice. It’s really up to you.

You can do a lot of things to do pre-wedding calendar yourself. Pictures, poems, articles and quotes are just a few of the things you can glue the calendar to make it truly your own. Do not forget to put a copy of the invitation and wedding picture inside as well. Things that mean a lot to you are the things you can use to make the calendar a special keepsake for future generations.

Keep pre-wedding diary will help you remember a special time in many years to come, and will be a treasured legacy to pass down to your children and grandchildren.


3 Things to do to take care of you


Maybe you can not visit the spa now because of time, money, or practical reasons (such as who will care for the kids). This does not mean you have to trudge on through the days feeling frazzled. Many of my clients say that to come to see me is like a mini-spa, a time that they can update and improve. So if you can not make it in to see me here are some things you can do to think about the most important person in your Life You!

1. Demand some alone time

If you are putting others’ needs ahead of your own, or you are so stressed out from work or tasks, give yourself a break. I know that when you are running and make it fear if you leave you may become overwhelmed and will lose all momentum. Also, many people find they just can not do the time, it’s just too much of their hard drive. It’s just not true, and I’ll tell you why. If your child (or parent or spouse) need immediate intensive care you would drop what you’re doing and get the help they need ASAP. What about intensive care needs? You may be thinking, “it is not physical or it is not an emergency.” Well if left uncared for mental well-being can become an emergency or it can begin to meet the physical means, such as flu, in which the immune system is worn out. Which brings me to the second thing …

2. Set first

It is not selfish it is not impossible! When you set limits on what is right for you, you’re not negating what others want, you just have to confirm what is right for you. This has been under discussion Professional Creative Solutions Certification Training Program. It is also something that many people struggle with. I had a family I worked with who really deserve to put their needs first. After 9:00 pm they would say good night to their children and go into their bedroom and one adult time. Children were expected to have what they need done (eg homework) and parents set boundaries to their needs was important. Unless there was an emergency, the children would have to wait until the next day to ask for what they need. Imagine your children learn the value of your needs and knowing that it was okay for them to set goals too!

3. Do something (or nothing) to improve

What do you need to improve? It can mean time one of the water, walk in the garden, time with friends and family to express themselves and understand one time or calendar art materials, or just plain old nap. Ask yourself what it is you need and respect what you’re telling yourself

List of activities to help you renew :.

Create circle and the circle using pictures cut from magazines and / or logo and chalks and create Comfort Circle. Fill it with pictures and words that you renew and refresh yourself. Take the time to enjoy the process as you fill the space with things that nourish you! If you want to share artwork email us, we’d love to hear what renews and comforts you.


The difference between the Journal and Ledger



1. Is the book of prime entry.

2. As soon as the recordings recorded in the diary

3. Business are reported cases ie strictly consecutive dates.

4. Narrative (short description) is written for each entry.

5. Ledger Folio is written

6. Relevant information can not ascertain easily such as cash in hand is not able to find out easily.

7. The final settlement can not be prepared directly from the magazine.

8. Precision books can not be tested.

9. The payment amount of transactions are recorded in the adjacent columns.

10. Journal has two columns, one for debit amount for other credit amount.

11. Journal is not balanced.

12. With the computerization of accounting journal can not be used for routine business such as receipts, purchases, sales etc


1. Is the book a final entry.

2. Transactions are posted in the register after the same has been recorded in a diary.

3. Transactions are grouped by type and are listed in the relevant accounts.

4. Narrative is not required.

5. Folio of the magazine or the magazine is written.

6. trade specific nature are grouped in one place the relevant information can be sure.

7. Ledger is basis to prepare final accounts.

8. Precision books is tested with a list of balance.

9. The payment amount of transactions are recorded in two different sides of the two accounts.

10. Ledger has two sides: The left side is the debit side to the right of the credit side

11 .. Every account in the ledger is balanced at the appropriate time.

12. Ledger can not be avoided. While it might be loose-leaf ledger or computerized ledger. But the ledger is a must.


Critical Thinking Towards Time management


Would not it be great if we could all have a credit card that we could use to purchase some or how about a few more hours in our day? If there were a place in existence we would all be hanging out in that line. I always joke, if only I could copy me, “get real, right?” There are 2 resources to spend in this world and it’s time and money. Money buys us time and time buys us money. Every human being is given the exact amount of hours in a day. 24 hours, not 1 hour more or less. This makes it important for us to budget our time very well. I’m learning so much by studying experts who have mastered time management and have discovered that Professional Network Marketers apply critical thinking towards their time and every activity they do. After all, “time” is truly our most valuable asset!

will be critical thinker towards “time” can be fun and really interesting. You end up learning a lot about yourself in the process to get information about your life. This is healthy and helps us to dig deep into the truth of what is to come fruit into our lives and it is stealing from our divine purpose. My friend and mentor taught me to journal the specific details of my day. She recommended a simple composition notebook as a great way to track all your activity throughout the day. Every detail is important to record. It is important to list all the activities you participate in, with the exact time you spent completing a specific task. This will make us realize how long we are taking to achieve our goal. Later we can look at what we are spending our time on, tracking exactly where our time is spent. This was a huge eye opener for me. This is a valuable practice for tax purposes, only if the audit. We continue to grow we will apply critical thinking towards all areas of our lives. Where I spend my time? The majority of my time spent on income producing activities? If not it is time to make a plan, do, review and edit.

There are two types of people in the world, those who are critical thinkers “when it comes to” time “and those who blow easy with the wind, we will call them” Joe Blow. “The critical thinker will apply a critical mind to all the details in life and business. For example, when you send an email, a critical thinker will send a fellow member to put coaching staff call. In the email, the subject will say “Coaching Call request.” This will immediately me in hi priority leader is. The critical thinker will offer 3 different times they will be available (respecting very busy schedule for the leader is) that there are alternatives available. On the other hand, Joe Blow will write an e-mail that is sent long without the right choice so there will be time lost in having to ask for more information or clarification. If I lost 3 minutes for every email I sent, this time could add up to a mass amount of time lost and wasted over a year time . It’s lost time with a man, children, your grand-children and people you love most. We can not get one single moment back so being a critical thinker that “time” is essential for every Professional Networker.

A valuable tip I can give you is to go through your emails and sort out any and all emails that do not serve your purpose and plan. Clean house daily and do not allow clutter to take up space, if it does not bear fruit do not even let it enter. First go through and delete everything that is time wasting. This will bring 150 new, daily emails down to 13 emails that matter real fast. Give all your emphasis to materials mean the most to you right now and there are primarily related to generating money laundering activities. When you decide to go through and open the mail, be sure to allocate enough time, we know Joe Blow is always rushed!

timers work great when I use them. Stovetop shooting mine is always effective, its loud and aggravating, works great! I’ve found that putting reminders in my cell phone is another great way to stay in touch and focus. No matter where we are, we are almost always close to a mobile phone. It helps to have a clock right in front of you, a big clock! I use Microsoft Outlook, it works very well for me and I love the dinging reminders. I have many friends who use Google Calendar, check them all out and choose what is best for you.

Always make sure to have a list of all your upline leaders and team leaders in a prominent place near your work area. It’s good to pay attention to the habits of the people you are working with. If you know “Bob” is conducting a conference call at 3 PM Eastern you would never even consider asking if Bob would be available for 3-way at the time. If there are conference call numbers that you need, have them printed and near you as well. This will save you 3 minutes here, 7 minutes to take the time to look up phone numbers and other necessary information. If you are building a global company, very useful to have a special place where you have the whole country code numbers available.

Time management is the key to living a successful life. It allows us to live out our dreams and our burning desires. It opens lifestyle choices and the ability to enjoy, endure and take care of what had been given to us.